Calculating Your Lilith Signs

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Okay so I’m just finding this information out myself so I don’t really understand it all that well but apparently there are 4 types of Liliths:

  • Asteroid 1181 Lilith
  • True (Oscillating) Lilith
  • Black Moon (Mean) Lilith
  • Dark Moon (Waldemath Black Moon) Lilith

The most accurate of the Lilith signs is the Asteroid 1181 Lilith because it is an actual physical body that holds sustenance, whereas the other 3 liliths are extremely theoretical, based off of points that may or may not exist as they have not yet been confirmed in our lifetime.

However, despite this, many astrologers seem to use the true Lilith (oscillating) or mean Lilith (black Moon) when calculating an individuals natal chart. Astrology websites are also very wishy-washy on this and you might have to readjust the settings on an online calculator to properly figure out which Lilith is which.

This is more obvious to me from the fact that I literally spent two hours frustrated that Astrotheme was telling me I was a Capricorn Lilith but Astrodienst was telling me I was a Sagittarius Lilith. I now know that they’re both right and wrong at the same time.

The Dark Moon (Waldemath) Lilith is extremely controversial because it is not only a theoretical point that has not been confirmed, it also based off of some old Middle Age legend that there are two Moons circulating Earth instead of one. Basically, the story goes that the Dark Moon is the the Moon hiding behind the real moon and yada yada but we now know that is bullshit because we know the earth has only one Moon. But some will still use the Dark Moon Lilith if they feel a connection to it I suppose.

So how to calculate the Lilith?

On Astrotheme, you only have the option of finding your true Lilith and mean Lilith. Simply clicking on your birth chart and selecting “True Lilith” or “Mean Lilith” under Calculation Parameters will allow you to easily find them both. More than likely your True and Mean liliths will be different.

On Astrodienst, it’s another story. You can calculate all 4 Liliths (and more) by simply going to your “Extended Chart Selection” under the “Free Horoscopes” tab, sub-tab “Drawings & Calculations”.

Scroll down and copy and paste these into the white bar where it says “additional asteroids”:

1181, h13, h21, h58

And then click to show the chart.

On the chart, the four Liliths will appear as:

1181 Lilith
Lilith (o) 
Lilith (I)

Which is the Asteroid, True, Mean, and Dark Liliths in order.

I personally identify with my True and Mean liliths the most (yes it is possible to use more than one lilith in identification) but I will look more into my Asteroid and Dark Moon Liliths. You may or may not identify with one or all of them but it also wise to check if any of them have an aspect to other parts of your chart, such as the north node and midheaven (as the Lilith is our hidden, dark side of personality and can be found prominent in our careers). It is also possible for some of the Liliths to be in the same sign, so don’t worry if that happens to you.

Do with that information as you will, that is all I know on anything Lilith related!

To add on:

Asteroid Lilith — similar to Neptunian traits, shows our hidden and possibly dangerous weaknesses and how we fit into the culture around us.

True (Oscillating Black Moon) and Mean (Black Moon) Liliths — Shows our quips in personal relationships; they are the secrets and other treacherous traits that we hold at the center of our hearts and souls and are often expressed in our personal relationships or our relationship with the public. Very unstable and rocky, an uncontrollable inner being.

Dark Moon Lilith — kind of like the opposite of our natal Moon. Our natal Moon is like our go-to instinct when we are out on the spot, it’s how our mind is constantly working to express emotion and physical being at the beginning of a situation, before eventually being calmed by our Sun’s tendencies. The Dark Moon is less emotional and more primitive , it’s like the spontaneous inner self we retreat into when faced with the great “Man vs. Nature” or “Survival of The Fittest” life. It is us when we are blinded by our primitive instincts, refusing to see the more humane instincts of emotion and physical being.
At least this is what I have seen. Remember, I just learned about this stuff lol.


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